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About Images of America

1. About the Collection

Images of America: A History of American Life in Images and Texts presents the everyday people, places, and events that have shaped American history and culture. The collection, drawn from Arcadia Publishing's award-winning line of local history books, features images and texts assembled by thousands of local experts with unparalleled knowledge of their community's history. Individually, each title represents a small slice of American history; collectively, they offer a massive tapestry documenting every aspect of the American Story.

Images of America is continually updated with more and more titles, and will grow to include more than 500,000 pages and 1 million images. Currently, the collection contains 577,016 pages and approximately 761,661 images, all indexed to allow for easy browsing and searching across contents.

2. About the Contents

All of the works in this collection are exact reproductions of books published by Arcadia Publishing. The authors of these titles have given their explicit approval to have their works and constituent texts and images included in this collection. Please email us with any questions or concerns about specific materials in the collection. Further information about the approval process can be found here.

Permissions for reprinting any images from the collection must be obtained from the copyright holders. Copyright holder information can generally be found below an image, or in the preface of the book. Organizations interested in having links to their website appear within Images of America: A History of American Life in Images and Texts can contact Alexander Street Press at info@alexanderstreet.com for more information.

3. Using the viewer

Pages are shown in the middle of the screen, with basic navigation features listed above the page image. Clicking on Zoom will open up the image in a separate window for easier viewing. The page image can be expanded, contracted, or rotated. Return to the main results page to navigate through separate pages.

4. Acknowledgments

Many people have worked to bring this collection online. Special thanks go to:

Arcadia Publishing

  • Erin Rocha
  • Joe Walker
  • Katie Kellett
  • Paul Raffle
  • PJ Norlander
  • Richard Joseph
  • Steve Sawyer
  • Tiffany Frary
  • Tim Goldman

Alexander Street Press

  • Andrea Eastman-Mullins
  • Dina Mazina
  • Graham Dimmock
  • Greg Urquhart
  • John Cicero
  • John G. West III
  • John Sciarretto
  • Michelle Eldridge
  • Nazar Sharunenko
  • Pat Carlson
  • Stephen Rhind-Tutt
  • Wendi Slagle
  • Ziep Truong

5. Subscriptions and Free Trial Information

Images of America is available for one-time purchase of perpetual access, or as an annual subscription. State and Regional subsets are also available. Please contact us at sales@alexanderstreet.com if you wish to begin a subscription or to request a free 30-day trial.

6. Individual Books and Submissions

Links to order printed books directly from Arcadia Publishing are included on the main book page for each title. If you have an idea for a local history book, please contact one of Arcadia Publishing's regional editorial teams.

7. Errata

Our intention is to have a database without errors. We appreciate suggestions for improvements and notice of factual errors. To report errors or to suggest improvements, please email the Editor at Editor@astreetpress.com. Please identify the book title, author, and page number, as well as the issue itself. Please also include your email address, so that we can let you know the status of your correction.

8. Copyright, Reproductions, and Permissions

All materials in the database are protected under U.S. and International Copyright Law. Permission to reproduce any of the books or images from within this collection must be obtained through Arcadia Publishing, the author, and/or the copyright holder. Many historical societies offer high-quality reprints of the images featured within the pages of this collection. Please contact the individual societies for information on ordering reprints.

9. Cataloging Records

MARC records will be available for this collection.

10. Technical Support

Email: support@alexanderstreet.com

Telephone: 1-800-889-5937 When reporting a problem please include your customer name, e-mail address, phone number, domain name or IP address and that of your web proxy server if used.

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Technical Support

Telephone: 1.800.889.5937
When reporting a problem, please include your customer name, e-mail address, phone number, domain name or IP address, and that of your web proxy server if used.